Step by step guide


Beginning a self build project can be daunting, but here at Rob Roy Homes we have a wealth of experience to help you get it right and not just with timber frame. We are experts in the construction industry and we know what it takes to make every step of the journey go smoothly.


Obtaining finance approval early on allows you to take action quickly when you find the perfect plot. Banks, building societies and specialist self build finance companies can provide this service. You will be applying for a special mortgage specifically for the purpose of self build.

Find a plot

Finding a suitable building plot is often the biggest challenge. Plots are advertised in many places including estate agents, newspapers and magazines. Sometimes it is simple word of mouth that leads you to the ideal site. Start looking as soon as possible and let people know you’re looking to build.

Prepare your design

Building your own home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. At Rob Roy Homes we believe that your project should be specially designed to meet your unique needs and requirements. If you have successfully purchased a plot and require assistance with your self build design, our experienced staff will be happy to advise you.

Acquire planning permission

When you finalise your design, you need to apply for planning permission. Planning permission is granted from your council if they approve your building plan.

Appoint Rob Roy Homes as your timber frame supplier

Prior to or during your application for a building warrant, you will need to choose your timber frame manufacturer. They will be able to provide the detailed structural information required to achieve your council’s approval without you duplicating professional costs. At Rob Roy Homes, we have plenty of experience with the building warrant process and can also carry out your SAP calculation, a rating of energy efficiency mandatory for all new builds.

Acquire Building Warrant

Once your planning permission has been granted, you will need to make a more detailed submission outlining the building structure itself in order to obtain a building warrant. When the council gives both your planning and your building warrant the go ahead, you are free to get to work. Our team is happy to help advise you on your planning permission and building warrant submissions.

Health and safety

Health and safety on your building site is a serious topic. There are many items to be considered including:
Worker and public protection
Fall arrestment
Welfare facilities
CDM Regulations (Construction Design and Management)
If you are new to the construction industry or need to refresh your working knowledge, we strongly recommend that you speak to a specialist health and safety consultant. There are a variety of CDM training courses available to the public from colleges and training centers. You should also have public and employers liability insurance in place.


It is recommended that you have warranty cover for your own peace of mind and in case you ever sell your property. We can advise you on warranty cover from NHBC to a professional architects inspection service.


Once you have your building warrant, you should be in a position to start building. Don’t forget to set out the underbuilding to your timber frame manufacturer’s wallplate drawing.

Know How

Get the technical information you need and answers to frequently asked questions

Contact Rob Roy Homes

Standard Sample Specification Download a copy of our standard sample specification from our download page.

Illustrated Details Download a copy of our illustrated details from our download page.

Standard details To obtain a copy of our standard details, please contact our office and we would be delighted to supply them to you.

Our product The “product” we sell is a high quality timber frame. We can supply as much or as little you wish from a bare structure to a complete timber frame package, all with the service to match. We normally include windows, external and internal doors, insulation, plasterboard and all manner of components, right down to skirting board and external timber boarding. All of this is put together in such a way as to make life easier for you and your tradesmen at all stages of the build. If required, we can even erect the structural components for you! You will still need other tradesmen for a complete build, but Rob Roy Homes can simplify the task of completing your project.

Individual components We supply fully engineered roof trusses and structural members; quality whitewood wall panels and floor joists or I-joists; and the loose material needed to complete the structure. We can supply high performance timber or PVCu windows and external doors; high performance insulation and plasterboard products; a variety of finishing components, internal doors and ironmongery, and help in choosing the right products to suit your needs.

Ultrawarm The new Scottish Building Standards came into effect in October 2010. Here at Rob Roy Homes, we have spent the two years preceding this investigating and developing the ULTRAwarm thermal and acoustic performance specification, designed to aid compliance with Section 5 (Noise) and Section 6 (Energy).

How much does it cost?
Timber frame prices vary greatly depending on specification and the design type of the building. The timber frame typically costs between £180/m2 to £300/m2.
Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.
Feedback from existing customers suggests that a full build package, including the timber frame and nominal sums for service connections, starts from £1,000/m2 and can easily exceed £1,500/m2. We shall be pleased to offer specific advice should you require.

What do you supply?
We are flexible about the extent of our supply. However, we typically supply the structural components in our timber frame kits, including windows and external doors, roughing components (plasterboard and insulation) and finishing components (internal doors, frames, door ironmongery, skirtings, facings, stairs). For a complete list of our supplies, please download our indicative specification here.

How long does it take?
We strive meet to the deadlines of your own building plan as far as possible. Lead times can vary from 6 to 10 weeks.

Do you erect?
We can erect our timber frame components and would be pleased to provide a quotation for this service, we are also pleased to work with your own joiner should you choose.

Do you deliver?
Our location in central Scotland makes Rob Roy Homes an ideal timber frame manufacturer for deliveries in Scotland and the rest of the UK
If your site is further afield or out on the islands, we shall be pleased to discuss delivery costs.