Make your new build work for you

Make your new build work for you. Building a home that continues to work for you. Advantages to building new over buying old

Four ways to make your new home build work for you

Building a home that continues to work for you in the long run is one of the key advantages to building new over buying old. As timber frame manufactures, Rob Roy Homes’ customers already have the advantage as the thermal performance of timber being almost ten times more efficient than a concreate block. Rob Roy Homes use four key factors in creating and maintaining your home’s energy efficiency.

1. Energy Design Modelling

With over 20 years’ experience in preparing in-house energy calculations. Rob Roy Homes provide the required information for customers to satisfy building standards, including the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at completion. They are fully accredited with the largest independent energy software provider in the UK.

Air and ground source heat pumps, usually combined with photovoltaic (PV) type solar panels, are becoming the norm. Heat pumps are typically three or four times more efficient than a gas or oil boiler. PV panels will allow you to take advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee scheme that most energy suppliers provide. Battery storage is also on the increase and can be included in the overall energy design.

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2. Energy Efficient Elements

Rob Roy Homes has a proven, tried and tested range of wall, ceiling and roof elements that deliver low energy loss. There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ here and they can deliver solutions down to Passivhaus levels. Up to 35% of energy can be lost through external walls so it makes sense to use one of Rob Roy Homes Ultrawall options combined with high performance glazing.

3. Sustainability

High quality and responsibly sourced timber is essential to create a modern timber frame home. All of their structural timber comes from sustainable sources with chain of custody certification.

4. Energy Reducing- Windows and External Doors

25% of all energy lost can occur through windows and doors. Rob Roy Homes can offer a range of both double and triple glazed products, all prefinished with a colour of your choice.

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Thermal efficient timber frame self-build
Thermal efficient timbre frame self-build

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