Thrice As Nice

Thrice as nice. Shona and Jerry began planning their dream home, they had specific features in mind to maximise the potential of their land.

Shona and Jerry Ponder on why they are thrilled to work with Rob Roy Homes for the third time

When Shona and Jerry Ponder began planning their dream home, they had specific features in mind to maximise the potential of their land with a view of the Pennines. Their home would need to suit their aesthetics while being functional for their family of eight.

The Ponders’ relationship with Rob Roy Homes began in 2006 after they spoke to several timber frame manufacturers who couldn’t meet their needs for customisation. It was their estate agent and architect who pointed them in the direction of Rob Roy Homes.

Bespoke designs

As owners of bespoke interior fitting company Countryside Kitchens, Shona and Jerry know how important it is for the people helping you create your home to be both meticulous and flexible in building an understanding of your requirements. “It’s their attention to detail that is absolutely amazing.” Shona said, lauding her experience with Rob Roy Homes’ staff. “Nothing is a problem. If there is something you’re not keen on or want an alternative, they will bend over backwards to try to find something that is right for your home.”

Shona and Jerry’s dream home was a cottage, which may seem paradoxical given that it had to house their family of eight. But Rob Roy Homes worked with them throughout, from the layout, to the roof, to the staircase and the farmhouse doors to give the family the countryside cottage they desired while ensuring it had space to host their large family. The Ponder’s had such a great experience that directly after building their own family home, they contracted Rob Roy Homes to build Shona’s parents a bungalow on their estate that would complement the main house visually while suiting the needs of the older couple.

Returning to Rob Roy Homes

Now 18 years later, Shona and Jerry’s children have grown, and the couple have returned to Rob Roy Homes via Hudson Ladykirk to build their retirement home. The small development in the Borders has a stipulated design criteria, however that doesn’t stop the Ponders from customising their home. With the help of Rob Roy Homes again and their own interior fitting company, Countryside Kitchens, they are on course to build a new home for the next chapter of their lives.

“It’s incredibly complex and difficult to build a home but Rob Roy Homes make it very easy for you,” Shona added. ‘”Unless you’re in the building industry, you don’t understand all the choices you have to make, but Rob Roy Homes holds your hand all the way through which takes away any of the worry about if you’re doing the right thing. They will help you with as much as you want them to help you with.”

With three different projects spanning just under two decades with Rob Roy Homes, the Ponders cannot speak highly enough of their experiences with the Perthshire – based timber frame manufacturer.

The Scottish Field

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